North Korea official jokes to Pompeo: 'Pay taxes' for visit

North Korea official jokes to Pompeo: 'Pay taxes' for visit

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has arrived in North Korea to press leader Kim Jong-un for details on his plans for denuclearisation.

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo arrives in Pyongyang on Friday-his third visit to North Korea's capital-to work out the details of last month's Singapore summit with Kim Jong-un.

After a almost three-hour meeting with Kim Yong Chol, the pair broke up for dinner, with the USA side saying that talks would continue Saturday morning.

The first time Trump called Kim "Rocket Man" was during an address to the UN General Assembly on September 19, 2017, when he warned against North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

President Trump is about to dredge up what the Guardian says was a "low point" in his relationship with Kim Jong Un, but this time around as a wry attempt to suggest "no harm, no foul" to the North Korean leader. "If it's not true, then we go back to the other way, but I don't think that's going to be necessary".

Mr Pompeo would try to agree on at least an initial list of nuclear sites and an inventory that could be checked against the available intelligence, USA intelligence officials told Reuters.

Trump's statements on the return of the remains of missing US troops have also been problematic.

According to a diplomatic source who spoke with Chosunilbo, the "Rocket Man" CD stems from a conversation Trump and Kim had during their denuclearization summit last month.

Both issues are considered essential tests of whether Mr Kim is serious about negotiations.

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Some U.S. officials and experts have said the change in language amounted to a softening in approach.

Pompeo is set to reach Pyongyang on Friday for further talks on denuclearization of the country.

North Korea has one of the world's largest navies by number of ships.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, and National Security Advisor John Bolton applaud as President Donald Trump presents the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy to the US Military Academy football team in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington, May 1.

But the key is whether Pompeo can get Kim to act on his vague denuclearization pledge, agreeing to dismantle a specified amount of nuclear warheads by a given date.

Chinese defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian, asked last week whether China had again requested THAAD be withdrawn in the light of the Trump-Kim summit, said it is "resolutely opposed to the United States deploying THAAD in South Korea". "We are watching closely".

In retaliation to the THAAD deployment, Beijing imposed unofficial boycotts on South Korean businesses and banned group tours to South Korea.

At the world team championships in May, North and South Korea were due to face each other in the women's quarter-finals - but they were given permission to form a joint team instead, losing to Japan in the semi-finals.

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