The case of San Antonio's stolen shark is solved

The case of San Antonio's stolen shark is solved

In a weird case, two men and a woman stole a shark from an aquarium by disguising it as a baby and putting it in a stroller.

One man held the tail of the shark, while the other two suspects wrapped a wet blanket around it, according to Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio.

A man has been arrested in connection with the theft of a horn shark from a public aquarium in San Antonio, Texas.

A 45-centimetre shark has been smuggled out of an aquarium in the USA in a baby stroller.

When the member of staff at the aquarium who had been alerted to the suspicious activity tried to confront the group, one suspect apparently said "his son was very sick" and drove off in a truck - Helen in a bucket in the back.

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One man has been charged with theft and charges for two other individuals are pending, according to Salvaggio.

The Leon Valley Police Department has found the suspects who stole a shark from an aquarium on Saturday. Miss Helen was found alive in the garage of a San Antonio home that looked like a "mock-up" of the aquarium, Salvaggio said. "She is doing good so far, and we are hopeful she will recover fully from the shock, and return to her home she is used to", says the aquarium.

SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Bizarre shark heist in San Antonio The aquarium says employees who thought something was happening followed the suspects to their vehicle, but they did not allow them to search either the auto or the stroller.

Officials say the suspects confessed to stealing the horn shark, valued at $2,000, and could face felony theft charges. The trio is seen on the video hanging around the tank where visitors can feed the fish and reach in the water and pet various sea life. Management caught up to the suspects in the parking lot and were denied access to both searching the vehicle and the stroller. Police said did not immediately take her into custody because she has kids.

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