Body Found on New Mexico Compound Where 11 Kids Were Discovered

Body Found on New Mexico Compound Where 11 Kids Were Discovered

Authorities are awaiting a positive identification of the remains discovered Monday.

The 11 other children besides Abdul-Ghani were found in a "filthy makeshift compound" in Amalia, which was covered with "odorous trash" and didn't seem to contain clean water.

"We discovered the remains yesterday on Abdul's fourth birthday", Hogrefe said, appearing to fight back tears.

So on Friday, the Taos County Sheriff's Office and state authorities executed a search warrant on the compound.

Taos County sheriff's deputies raided a makeshift compound on Friday in search of a missing boy from Georgia, 2,000 kilometres away.

As I said, we worked collectively with Federal Bureau of Investigation and Georgia authorities.

The kids are still in state custody.

Each of the five adults were charged with 11 counts of felony child abuse, according to the local prosecutor, Donald Gallegos. Aerial footage of the compound prior to the special forces raid revealed a child walking around with a limp, though authorities have not confirmed that they know this to be Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj.

The boy's mother told authorities the boy suffers from seizures, can not walk because of severe medical issues, and requires constant attention.

She told police in December that Wahhaj had taken the boy for a trip to a park and never returned.

It's because of Abdul-Ghani's disability that police were able to estimate that he was recently at the compound, CNN reports.

He proposed the group "swap" the property for land Badger said the group had purchased not far away from his home in Northern New Mexico.

New Mexico authorities had long suspected the father and son might be at the compound after learning about the abduction in May, the sheriff said.

The defendants include the father of a missing boy whose disappearance led authorities to raid the compound last week.

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The 11 other children, ranging in age from 1 to 15-years-old, are now in the custody of the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Division.

Mr Wahhaj was detained along with another man, Lucas Morton.

But a juvenile court judge eventually issued an arrest warrant to question Wahhaj after he failed to let the mother know where Abdul was. An FBI spokesman didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

"We are starving and need food and water", read the message.

After seeing the message apparently sent from someone at the compound asking for food and water, Hogrefe said he felt he needed to act.

Three women were also arrested, according to a Taos County Sheriff's Office post on Facebook.

"Each woman was insistent they had been told by the males that they could not talk about AG Wahhaj and simply would not", Hogrefe wrote.

The boy's father, who the sheriff said was heavily armed when taken into custody, was identified as Siraj Wahhaj, 39. Lucas Morten was jailed on suspicion of harboring a fugitive, Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said.

Tyler Anderson, who lives near the compound, believes the group had moved to the area to live off the grid, just as he had done.

Anderson said Tuesday he had helped the newcomers install solar panels after they arrived in December.

The Badgers told CNN they found what looked like a shooting range, with tires stacked up to stop the bullets, bullet holes and casings at the compound.

He said Federal Bureau of Investigation agents conducted surveillance of the area a few weeks ago but did not find probable cause to search the property.

There they found 11 emaciated children ranging in age from 1 to 15, along with three women believed to be their mothers - Hujrah Wahhaj, 38; Subhannah Wahhaj, 35; and Jany Leveille, 35.

The adults and children appeared like "refugees not only with no food or fresh water, but with no shoes, personal hygiene and basically dirty rags for clothing, " the sheriff said. Wahhaj told the trooper that he owned the guns legally and had a Georgia permit to carry concealed weapons. Abdul-Ghani's father, Siraj Wahhaj, was arrested.

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