California Moves One Step Closer To Being 100% Renewable Powered By 2045

California Moves One Step Closer To Being 100% Renewable Powered By 2045

Brown added: "Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly". "Medium-risk" individuals could be released or held depending on local standards.

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye helped to write the legislation after studying the issue and determining the system was "was outdated, unsafe and unfair". But high-risk evaluations - those having previously violated conditions of release; having been arrested for a violent felony, or sex crime; having a third DUI within 10 years; or being already on probation - would not be eligible for pre-trial release.

Brown told The Wall Street Journal in an interview last week that while he supported efforts to increase the state's reliance on renewable energy, it was important for there to be a roadmap in place in order for the goal to be "credible".

Jerry Brown signed the landmark bill that eliminates money from the bail system and creates a new one that is based on the level of risk a suspect may pose. California is the world's fifth largest economy. Bob Hertzberg, Democrat-Van Nuys, who authored the bill. Opponents' arguments range from fear that the legislation gives judges too much power to worry that unsafe suspects will walk out the door never to return for trial.

Other states such as New Jersey and New Mexico have overhauled their bail systems, although neither state has completely eliminated bail.

There is strong reaction from people who will be impacted by California's new "Bail Reform" law.

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If the bill is signed into law, California would become the second state, after Hawaii, to authorize a 100-percent renewable energy law.

Currently, America's broken cash bail system allows for the accused, who have the money, to get out of jail and go home.

Opponents, including some social justice groups, argue the new law gives judges too much power to decide who should be released.

The ACLU raised concerns that the law doesn't sufficiently address racial bias in pretrial decision making.

With someone's release now determined by individualized factors including current charges and prior convictions, pretrial freedom is no longer exclusively for the most well-heeled criminal defendants. "Right now Californians are paying for the cost of digging up the coal, fracking the gas - the good news about the renewable is that once you make that upfront investment the fuel is free".

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