Five South Africans caught up in deadly Indonesia natural disaster are safe: Dirco

Five South Africans caught up in deadly Indonesia natural disaster are safe: Dirco

Rescuers in Lombok are pulling people alive from the rubble two days after a devastating quake struck the Indonesian island, while thousands left homeless in the worst-affected areas continue to wait for aid to arrive. "We saw everybody leaving in boats, but no boat came to us", he told AFP.

Muhammad Zainul Majdi, the governor of West Nusa Tenggara, said the province was in desperate need of paramedics, food and medicine.

Hundreds of bloodied and bandaged victims have been treated outside damaged hospitals in the main city of Mataram and other badly affected areas.

A young woman has been pulled from rubble as rescuers in Lombok in Indonesia continue to search for survivors following a devastating quake.

Speaking to Khaleej Times from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, Mulraney has described the horror of being stranded on the island after the natural disaster hit the area, along with thousands of other tourists and locals who did not have a way of escaping the island as there weren't enough boats or rescue teams available.

Rescuers with sniffer dog search for victims at a mosque damaged by an natural disaster in North Lombok, Indonesia, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018. More than 230 people were seriously injured. "I stayed during the first shock, but the shock grew stronger and we rolled around trying to run out", he said.

He told a news conference that there are reports of other deaths but they still need to be verified.

"People panicked and scattered on the streets, and buildings and houses that had been damaged by the previous quake had become more damaged and collapsed", Nugroho said.

5 dead in small plane crash
Spokesman of the Federal aviation administration Arlene Salak (Arlene Salac) said that on Board were 5 people, and they all died. The plane is registered to a San Francisco-based real estate consulting company, Category III, according to an FAA database .

As the island is a popular tourist destination, the Indonesian authorities have improved their efforts to ensure that panicked tourists get a chance to get out of the country.

Foreign tourists pull their suitcases as they walk past damaged buildings.

The military has dispatched at least three transport planes carrying water, food, tents and medical supplies. The teams and one excavator arrived after dark Tuesday to investigate.

"It went through my mind should we just crawl under something but I wasn't sure the building was going to hold up, and I thought, (let's) take a chance and leave", he said, adding that no one in the Singapore delegation was hurt.

Separately, a woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed grocery store in the north, near the epicentre of the quake, the second tremor to rock the tropical island in a week.

Crews using heavy equipment resumed the search today for survivors in the mosque, now reduced to pile of concrete and metal bars, with its towering green dome folded in on itself.

Officials said that almost 8,400 tourists and resort workers had been evacuated from the three Gili islands off the northwest coast of Lombok, where two people died, emptying out a destination popular for its white beaches and turquoise waters.

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