Pres. Trump Hosts "Make America Great Again" Rally In Tampa

Pres. Trump Hosts

"Not good. Not nice", Trump said. "I tell them it's because (1) I've bought groceries before and (2) I know you don't need an ID to buy groceries". "I have kept my promises". China has moved to impose tariffs on USA soybeans. In announcing the agricultural bailout last week, he urged farmers to "be a little patient" and support his trade strategy.

Trump's arrival in Florida underscored the larger-than-life presence he has wielded in Republican primaries ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, capable of influencing the outcomes of primaries with a single tweet. "In some states, Democrats are even trying to give illegal immigrants the right to vote", Trump said.

She later defended Mr Trump's claim that you "certainly" need ID when buying alcohol at the shops. "It's true. He's tough, he's smart and he loves Florida, he's loves our country, and he's going to be your next governor, Ron DeSantis", Trump said Tuesday night at the rally.

Asked why Trump chose to endorse DeSantis over him even though both are conservative Republicans, Putnam suggested it was all about Washington politics.

The governor did join the president for a tour of a Tampa school earlier Tuesday, but is he staying away from the political rally for a strategic reason?

In turn, DeSantis has cloaked himself in the sheen of Trump, defending the president and his policies. DeSantis is encouraging his child to "build the wall".

The president's comments suggest he continues to believe that an election-season showdown over immigration would fire up his base and boost his party's chances of holding power in Congress.

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The president took the opportunity to hail Gov. Rick Scott for U.S. Senate and blast Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson. Florida's primary is scheduled for August 28. He'll then head to Tampa Bay Technical High School where he'll talk about workforce development and perform a ceremonial signing of H.E. 2353, the "Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act".

"I'll go six or seven days a week when we're 60 days out, and I will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a hard race, and we think we're going to bring them over the line", Trump told Hannity. Liberals might be unable to fathom how this could make voters more likely to vote for DeSantis, yet he clearly feels confident that he's not the butt of the joke.

"You know, I live a lot of time in Florida", the president said.

"The time has come for voter ID, like everything else", the president told supporters, "voter ID".

Trump also said he "can be more presidential than any president in history, except for maybe Abe Lincoln with the big hat", and proclaimed that if not for his campaign, people wouldn't be able to say "Merry Christmas" in public.

Hitting the campaign trail Tuesday in the Sunshine State, President Donald Trump touted the economy, discussed his attempts at diplomacy with North Korea and patted himself on the back for his decision to remove the US from the Paris Climate Accord. Trump is everywhere in DeSantis' campaigning material, mentioned every other sentence in his speeches.

Taylor is the latest Republican to publicly oppose Trump's threat.

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