Brett Kavanaugh Snubs Handshake From Parkland Victim's Father

Brett Kavanaugh Snubs Handshake From Parkland Victim's Father

Fred Guttenberg (L), father of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg, tries to shake hands with Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he leaves for lunch break during Tuesday's confirmation hearing. He said he thought Kavanaugh would probably have been able to recognize who he was from that introduction, even before he introduced himself again.

This is horribly embarrassing for Brett Kavanaugh - the man the Republican Party is hoping will be our next Supreme Court Justice.

"A good judge must be an umpire - a neutral and impartial arbiter who favours no litigant or policy", Kavanaugh said in the excerpts released by the White House.

He said that throughout his 12 years as a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit he had ruled in favour of both workers and business, at times for environmentalists and at others for coal miners.

"I have ruled sometimes for the prosecution and sometimes for criminal defendants, sometimes for workers and sometimes for businesses, sometimes for environmentalists and sometimes for coal miners".

In his opening statement, Kavanaugh vows to be a "pro-law judge" who will interpret the law impartially.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the committee, noted that President Trump campaigned on a pledge of shifting the high court to the right. Democrats signaled they would press Kavanaugh on abortion, gun rights and presidential power when they get to question him on Wednesday in a hearing due to run through Friday. "They will say anything, and are only looking to inflict pain and embarrassment to one of the most highly renowned jurists to ever appear before Congress".

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a "Make America Great Again" rally in Evansville, Indiana, Aug. 30, 2018.

"There's a 35-month black hole in your White House career where we've been denied access to any and all documents", Durbin said. Additionally, several Democratic Senators are facing reelection battles in states where Trump won by double digits in 2016, meaning a vote against Kavanaugh could be potentially toxic for them.

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Kavanaugh's opponents say he would also undermine environmental protections and immigrant rights.

Before Kavanaugh spoke Tuesday evening, the hearing was repeatedly interrupted by protesters.

One of the concerns by most Democrats is the fact that the Senate has not received 93% of documents pertaining to Kavanaugh's time served in the White House, and 96% of these documents have not been made public.

"Big Republican interests keep winning 5-4 partisan decisions: 73-0, Mr. Kavanaugh, every damned time", Whitehouse said.

Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, a Republican, rejected a motion to vote on a postponement.

But Democrats raised objections from the moment Chairman Chuck Grassley gaveled the committee to order.

The nine-justice court has until now been balanced between conservatives and liberals, with Anthony Kennedy considered the "swing vote".

Republicans hold a slim Senate majority and can confirm Kavanaugh if they stay united.

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