Gmail Offline for Chrome will be discontinued in December

Gmail Offline for Chrome will be discontinued in December

Google plans to shut down its Inbox email app as it refocuses on Gmail as its most in vogue email client.

"Inbox" came with provisions for snoozing emails to later, trying latest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered experiences like Smart Reply, Nudges, high-priority notifications along with gesture and bundling features to manage the messages.

Inbox by Gmail, an email experiment by Google is set to go the way of the dodo bird.

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Google has made a decision to discontinue its Inbox app - not to be confused with Gmail - and then completely shutter the service by next March. Smart Reply is now all over google products, and besides existing in Gmail, it's part of Wear OS and Android P. A user was able to make these disappear with a single click of the "done" tick and get them out of your inbox without deleting anything. However, several of its features have been introduced to Gmail.

If you've become accustomed to using Inbox in place of Gmail since it's launch just under 4 years ago, you'll have to find a replacement soon.

Users who are using inbox for years will be very upset. Inbox team will now work with Gmail team to bring more innovative features that they were thinking to add in Inbox. While the company did not state the right date, Google launched an Assistance Overview with the objective that Inbox individuals can make the adjustment to Gmail and adjust to the original e-mail application. The Inbox app will be completely removed from all stores. The app was mostly focused on improving the user's productivity and it has attracted many users within a short timeframe. But Google has put together a guide to help people transfer over. Reminders and links you had saved to Inbox won't show up in Gmail.

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