Hurricane Florence from space: "A no-kidding nightmare"

Hurricane Florence from space:

A view of Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station.

Storm over the Atlantic ocean "looks very bad", wrote in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump. Arnold shared his first photos of Hurricane Florence, taken when it was still a Category 2 storm.

Storm "Florence" promises to be the most powerful in 30 years. It's estimated that 1 million people will be impacted by Florence's arrival.

More than a million people have been ordered to evacuate coastal areas ahead of the arrival of Florence, which boasts sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. Packing heavy winds with a maximum sustained wind speed of 130 miles per hour (195 km/h), the hurricane is slowly barreling toward the U.S. East Coast, at a speed of approximately 13 miles per hour (20 km/h).

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Florence is expected to make landfall in the Carolinas early Friday, bringing with it 20-30 inches of rain to North Carolina, and almost 40 inches to SC, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Florence is predicted to make an overnight landfall Friday west of Wilmington, NC.

Happy #FullDiskFriday! #GOESEast is keeping an eye on Tropical Storm #Florence from 22,300 miles out in space.

NASA additionally posted an animated video of Storm Florence considered from dwelling.

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