IPhone Xs and Xs Max hands-on: The new normal

IPhone Xs and Xs Max hands-on: The new normal

The star of the event was the iPhone Xs Max, which is Apple's largest iPhone ever, along with another two models including the iPhone Xs, and the iPhone XR.

Design-wise, the iPhone Xr bears similarities to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max with a 6.1-inch all-screen build, slim bezels and the signature notch which incorporates Face ID and gestural navigation, but for a considerably lower price starting at $749 Dollars, and available in 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB models.

Apple has just announced the iPhone XR, which offers much of the same user experience of the iPhone X, but with some notable departures.

The new iPhones are likely to start at $800 for the LCD model, $900 for the iPhone X update and $1,000 for 6.5-inch OLED model, up from last year's starting prices of $699, $799 and $999, according to Nomura Group. It still hasn't released that, and analysts expect the company to announce a date for it to ship.

The bigger news - literally - is the iPhone Xs Max, of course. The XR will be available in three storage variants - 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, and in five colour variant - white, black, blue, yellow, coral and a (PRODUCT) RED edition as well.

The iPhone XR goes up for pre-order on Friday, September 14. "It is a smart strategy to keep more people in the Apple ecosystem and get even more people to come into it".

The new mobile operating system will have some significant changes, including how notifications are displayed, updates to the Photos app, and a new augmented-reality Measure app to take measurements with only your iPhone camera. The images clicked on the iPhone XR we saw looked remarkably sharp and clear. It also will have a bigger battery and longer battery life than the iPhone Xs, but is otherwise identical in terms of features. As the iPhone X design previewed, full-screen designs (and notches) are here to stay.

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When Apple's online store came back online following today's keynote, a number of devices were conspicuously missing, including the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone X. The only potential hiccup to a record-breaking quarter is the fact that the iPhone XS won't launch until October.

As for the battery, Apple claims a stamina of 1.5 hours more than that of the iPhone 8 Plus. As far as the processor is concerned, the iPhone XR is powered by the same A12 Bionic chipset.

That price point makes it less expensive than the iPhone 8 Plus; its affordable price combined with state-of-the-art technology is something the company is "very proud" of. Even the depth effect - a strong suit of dual rear cameras - was quite good.

iPhone XR camera: What's the camera like on the iPhone Xr?

The iPhone XR has more durable glass, with an LCD display and comes in different colours.

New Airpods with Wireless Charging - not surprisingly, these didn't launch since the AirPower charging mat still isn't done.

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