Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti 'surprised' by UEFA choice for referee vs. Liverpool

Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti 'surprised' by UEFA choice for referee vs. Liverpool

The Premier League announced that 47-year-old Atkinson will be the man in charge of Liverpool vs. City and Blues may be anxious of more dodgy decisions in Liverpool's favour, something that certainly benefited them in the Champions League two-legged tie last year. His game is really good.

"They have a lot of strong players, even the ones on the bench", said the Italian global. "They've found continuity and organisation. Goes about his business quietly while the media hype up Van Dijk for being half the player", whilst @alxsson concurs by stating his 'Fairly unpopular opinion: Van Dijk is our most important player'.

"We want to get over the tipping point where we're able to win something".

Sarri had again guided Napoli to a second-place finish in Serie A last season, picking up a club-record 91 points on the way, and there were worries the players would be lost without the chain-smoking coach in the dugout.

"We need to have the strength and conviction to play the way we want to play, as we did at times against Juventus".

"The test will be very hard, we will not have much time to think about what to do on the pitch, but we have a lot of confidence for tomorrow's match and we will do it".

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After the match, Hazard caught up with Sturridge in the tunnel and Chelsea's star man made a light of the Liverpool striker's stunning equaliser.

"Saying all these nice things about me before a game - it's nice, obviously, but it's tactics. He's trying to bring the nice fella out in me".

@Futbalprophet was most explicit with receiving the news by commenting 'Excuse while I change my trousers for creaming it'. He didn't take it badly at all.

I don't remember his goal as bad things I filter immediately.
"I cried a lot, together with my wife". He's a true gentleman. When I came back, because I came back a few days later than the guys, he did quite well and I think better than the years before. It's incredible but true, although I had to turn it down.

"If he was scoring goals like the screamer that earned a draw with Chelsea on Saturday under Brendan Rodgers, you would have been reading one or two "Now play me" articles on these pages this week". "I cried for a long time, along with my wife", Alisson told Gazzetta dello Sport, ahead of his return to Italy when Liverpool take on Napoli tomorrow".

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