Eminem Drops Surprise Single Featuring Beyoncé

Eminem Drops Surprise Single Featuring Beyoncé

Having teased its imminent arrival, Eminem has now officially released the first single from his upcoming album.

Eminem is back, and his comeback single features Beyoncé!

If not for Beyoncé's vocals on the track, "Walk on Water" would be just another forgetful bid for relevance, and the unlikely collaboration between the pair is proof that Beyoncé is way too nice.

You can do your part to help the two hit the charts strong by streaming the song on all platforms-but if you'd rather not, well, you are very welcome.

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And fans took to social media to express their surprise as one follower wrote: 'I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that [they] would drop a song!' And while it serves as a musical memoir of sorts, this is as much a Beyoncé song as it is an Eminem song, with the singer carrying half the weight of the song, singing the handsome chorus "I walk on water / but only when it freezes".

"'Cause I'm only human, just like you/ Making my mistakes, oh, if you only knew", Bey sings in the second hook. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of Eminem writing and ripping up paper in the background.

"Why, are expectations so high? Is it the bar I set, the arms I stretch, but I can't reach?" he raps, kicking things off. The rhyme has to be ideal, the delivery flawless, ' he continues.

It's been four long years since Eminem last released an album so everyone hip hop fans attention is laser focused on him.

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