German Christmas market evacuated after explosives found

German Christmas market evacuated after explosives found

A package found at a Christmas market in the German city of Potsdam has been confirmed as a nail bomb, local police said.

Karl-Heinz Schroeter, interior minister of the state of Brandenburg, which surrounds Berlin, said the area would remain shut while police searched with sniffer dogs for any other similar packages.

The Christmas market was evacuated to allow explosives experts to secure the device and destroy it in place outside the pharmacy in Potsdam, the capital of the state of Brandenburg, just outside of Berlin.

According to the Potsdamer Latest News, the package, measuring 40 x 50 inches, was delivered to a pharmacy and found by an employee.

What was found in the suspicious package?

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Police said on Twitter that the package had been confirmed to be an improvised explosive device and that it had been defused. They later tweeted that the device had been defused.

"The investigations are still just beginning", Schröter said, adding that the powder might be a fake created to look like a bomb.

A failed Tunisian asylum seeker drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin in December 2016, killing 12 people and injuring another 56.

Security measures were in the spotlight as Berlin's Christmas markets officially opened on Monday.

The suspect, Anis Amri, fled to Italy after the December 19 terror attack where he was killed in a shootout with police four days later.

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