Apple News launches 2018 Winter Olympics features section

Apple News launches 2018 Winter Olympics features section

The feature is similar to the Sports section launched past year in which you can sift through a selection of news outlets to watch such as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Cheddar, and Bloomberg. The list of news channels includes CNN, CBS, Fox News, Bloomberg, CNBC and Cheddar that appear in the primary "Watch Now" section of the app on iOS and tvOS 11.2.5. The iPhone-maker expanded its TV application on iOS and tvOS. On the one hand, it will give a little more attention to "For You" section: Apple has never detailed how much it is used compared to the rest of Apple News but I'm guessing less than what's at the top of the app when you first open it.

While not as extensive as the Sports interface, the News section in the TV app allows users to instantly access live streaming news content from several different networks. The TV app uses your Single Sign-On login credentials to log you into each of those apps, making it seamless to set up multiple different news sources. For users who don't have a particular news app installed, the TV app prompts for it to be installed from the App Store.

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Live streams and fully replays of specific events will link directly to the NBC Sports app, Apple says, while clips from events can be watched within the Apple News app.

If you're running the most recent versions of iOS and tvOS, the feature should now be live.

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