Unkept promises: Uber, Ola drivers threaten indefinite strike from Sunday

Unkept promises: Uber, Ola drivers threaten indefinite strike from Sunday

Andheri police, who said the rally was "illegal" as they had not taken permission, arrested MNS union leader Nandgaonkar along with 14 other party workers and Ola drivers. However, the city did not face much of an inconvenience as most cab services continued to function smoothly on Monday. The union has asked all app-based cab drivers to go on an "offline protest". If the government fails to intervene, they will go on an idefinite strike, Sanjay Naik, President of Maharashtra Navnirman Vahatuk Sena (MNVS), told the mediapersons. The Union leaders say that drivers from other cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru, HyderabadandPune shall also join the strike soon.

They are determined to continue with the strike till their demands are fulfilled by the companies.

Meanwhile, expect a massive surge in prices and a higher waiting time.

An executive of one of the aggregator companies, requesting anonymity, told BusinessLine that there is no official communication yet from any of the drivers about a strike. While more than 80% cabs stayed off roads, those which were available on the app charged hefty surge prices - nearly two to three times the normal fare. However, no meeting was conducted between the striking drivers and representatives of Uber, which shut its offices in Mumbai after the protestors started gathering outside.

A driver partner said they demand for a monthly income of Rs 105,000 guaranteed earlier, as their earning has turned to be less than Rs 30,000.

The week began with most mobile aggregators joining the strike, as a result of which, Ola and Uber commuters had to opt for other modes of transport like the local trains, autos, taxis and buses.

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Now, the situation is that numerous drivers earn barely half the promised amount which is not even sufficient to cover their costs.

Another concern among cab drivers is that cab aggregators give preference to cabs owned the company over driver-owned cabs.

We support the Ola Uber Drivers Strike and want the companies to play fair.

This is evident from the fact that this is not the first such strike by the drivers in India, nor is it the first such strike globally.

Hence, basically, this is a case of cab neutrality - Drivers of vehicles owned by Uber and Ola are being given better treatment than self-owned vehicle owners. "But drivers are unable to make even half of this because of the mismanagement by these companies", Sanjay Naik of Maharashtra Navnirman Vahatuk Sena said to the PTI.

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