IPhone 11 will ditch 3D Touch to reduce costs

IPhone 11 will ditch 3D Touch to reduce costs

3D Touch paved way for the rival Android platform to develop long-press contextual menus on home screen icons.

The other two iPhone models are expected to release in 2018 -the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone and the 6.5-inch OLED smartphone which might be realised as an iPhone X Plus will still continue with the 3D Touch functionality.

According to analysts, the adoption of the CGS display panel will cause an increase of 15 percent in the production cost because of the sheer amount of effort required to manufacture a lighter and impact resistant display panel. So, for this expensive display upgrade, the company might ditch the 3D Touch feature in order to balance out the costs.

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This CGS technology essentially relocates the touch module to the surface of the glass rather than on the display panel, where it now sits. Approximately, it will range in the $23-$26 price range, so as a result, this model could be sold for a higher price when it is getting announced during the month of September. Several users remarked that they do not even use the feature and the last time they would have used it would have been out of an accident. The 3D Touch is a very compelling and complex technology which makes use of special sensors that are integrated with the Apple iPhone's display.

In one of the latest notes by KGI Securities analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, it has been mentioned that although there won't be 3D Touch, the particular model may feature a "mysterious" layer of film sensor layer on the screen. Although Apple's 3D Touch functionality seemed quite elegant, it also had some serious issues.

The 3D feature is equally liked and hated. However, Kuo reports that Apple will continue to support this feature on high-end iPhones for at least a year before dropping it completely.

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